Luxury Yacht - Riva 76' Perseo at the Yachts Miami Beach

Riva Yacht

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Ferretti Group participates to the 28th Miami Boat Show showcasing the American Première: Riva Luxury Yacht 76' Perseo.

The new luxury yacht coupé was designed to feel part of a family composed by the other yachts of the sports range, and is the perfect extension of a luxury yacht fleet of true masterpieces founded in the recent products designed by Riva Yacht.
The yacht grabs your attention at first glance for its sporty yet elegant look, also thanks to the choice of colours.
The craft on display in Miami is in a new metallic shade named "London Grey".
This colour dominates the yacht and is used in combination with the dark "Shark Grey", for Riva.
The yacht sporty look is enhanced even more by over 430 sq ft of windows: the large windows in both bulwarks of the hull are two elliptical shapes that are almost touching each other, linked by the Riva logo in one of the materials that has always been a hallmark of this famous brand, hi-gloss stainless steel.
The lateral windows on the main deck are also "cut through" by a lifeline fitted to the ends of the superstructure: this solution highlights the dynamic personality of the profile and the dimensions of the windows benefitting the main lounge, as well as being a useful support along the outer walkways.
The generous windscreen is supported by a central pillar and has been maximised specifically to offer the captain the best and widest view.
The generous sun deck is integrated gracefully into the yacht's aerodynamic lines and is an ideal space for relaxing in total privacy, as well as making steering possible from a privileged position.

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