How Much $$$ To Fuel 149m TOPAZ, Porsche vs Boat, Latest RIVA 100 & much more


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Headlines: Emirate owner’s yacht in Turkey, Porsche vs boat- and who wins, angler comes head to head with a barracuda and latest video of the Riva 100.

It’s July 7th and this is Morgane with your daily marine news

The United Kingdom football club Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed al-Nahyan’s million dollar luxury yacht docked on Thursday morning in Turkey’s resort town Marmaris.

According to an Anadolu Agency report, the sheikh paid nearly half-a-million US dollars to fuel up his 149-meter long yacht, Topaz. The yacht, worth about $442 million, reportedly did not fit in the Marmaris marina, so it was brought to the Marmaris Port.

A regular day in Amsterdam... Porsche Cayenne vs boat. Who is faster!? The outcome of this battle may surprise you!

A large sharp-toothed barracuda is not something you want flying towards your head. Angler Kevin Faver managed to evade a deadly barracuda projectile back in 2012 while fishing offshore near St. Augustine.

The latest video of the new Riva 100’ looks like it will be one sexy yacht. You can see the hull and deck coming together as one.

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